Waste management at Billericay

October 26, 2017

Perhaps within the oldest residential places in the United Kingdom, Billericay has a great past factoring in many historical events and it is reflected all over the architecture, culture and life in this town. There are many popular names including Barbara Follet, Mark Foster, Lee Evens, Chalie Wernham, Lauren Platt, Ben Wheatley and Patrick Welch who are either from Billericay, have stayed there in the past or are currently residing there.
The place has a mix of grand majestic buildings like the Burghstead Lodge in High Street together with many upcoming architectural projects in the vicinity of schools such as Billericay School, St. John’s School and Mayflower High School. In addition to this, there are several open spaces like Lake Meadows, South Green, Queen’s Park Country Park, Norsey Wood, Hanningfield Reservoir and Mill Meadow Nature Reserve which give it great diversity in terms of the available flora and fauna in the region.

Diversity in sites

Let’s take a look at the types of sites at Billericay:

Victorian sites

Places of historical importance and which has a rich Victorian heritage are usually tricky to maintain since the spaces are bigger and hence its management requires a conscious effort.

Open meadows

The region has several aforementioned open grounds where centuries of grazing has brought about a good variety of plant and animal mix.
The habitat is well balanced and unlike most other places is continuing to develop as a nature reserve.

Schools, local establishments and libraries

Billericay has a good variety of established schools, hospitals and libraries which provide the place a good reason for families to settle in.

Residential areas

Billericay also has a good percentage of residential homes which, in some cases, have been handed down from generations.
The house types include mansions, detached and semi-detached houses, with most of them having a garden area.

High street

The Billericay High Street is among those places that have been around for a very long time, has a great development of trade and high street fashion.

Construction work

The town is already well-developed but there are some new residential and commercial properties coming up. Even more than these projects the local contractors get a lot of maintenance, renovation and upkeep work from the existing architecture.

The best waste management Solution?

So what is the waste management program of such a diverse place possible?
For the kind of diversity in the region and the rising residential as well as commercial properties required an expert solution for waste management.
ClickaSkip provides skip on hire in Billericay which can accommodate the waste from all of the mentioned sites.
The waste gathered, regardless from which site, is reused and recycled to the utmost possible extent. ClickaSkip has many years of experience in the waste management industry, ties with many recycling units and associates who understand the kind of waste disposal need that Billericay requires, making it the top choice company.
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