Welcome to ClickaSkip’s Guide to Skip Hire for House Clearances, where we will answer all of your important questions surrounding household waste and skips.

Here at ClickaSkip, we provide a range of skips that are perfect for house clearances of varying sizes and durations, as well as a smooth customer journey and impressive recycling and recovery rates.

This guide will act as an FAQ, however, if you don’t see your question below, please get in touch directly on 0333 733 7547 or email us at info@clickaskip.co.uk.

Does ClickaSkip have all of the permits and licenses required to handle household waste?

Of course! We have our Waste Carriers license, we follow our Waste Duty of Care, and are registered with the Environment Agency and local authorities. All of our operatives are trained, licensed, and experienced to ensure a great customer journey.

Will ClickaSkip recycle the contents of the skip?

As well as fantastic recycling facilities, we have professional sorting and recycling teams who make use of our great processes and technologies to ensure that recycling, reuse, and recovery rates are completely maximised. We separate waste into numerous waste streams and work with many partners to encourage even higher recycling rates.

Which Skip Size is Best for House Clearance Waste?

The ideal skip for your house clearance depends on how much waste you have. The bigger the house clearance, the bigger the skip. Pay attention to the visual element described below, as this is the best way of representing how much waste you are clearing.

  • 4 Yard Skip

    • Dimensions: L:2.57m H:1.09m W:1.77m
    • Price: £168 including VAT
    • Visual: 18 wheelbarrow loads / 45 bin bags

  • 6 Yard Skip

    • Dimensions: L:3.1m H:1.24m W1.77m
    • Price: £198 including VAT
    • Visual: 27 wheelbarrow loads / 70 bin bags

  • 8 Yard Skip

    • Dimensions: L:3.55m H:1.3m W:1.79m
    • Price: £216 including VAT
    • Visual: 36 wheelbarrow loads / 90 bin bags

  • 8 Yard Enclosed Skip

    • Dimensions: L:3.2m H:1.55m w:1.79m
    • Price: £240 including VAT
    • Visual: 36 wheelbarrow loads / 90 bin bags

  • 12 Yard Skip

    • Dimensions: L: 4.14m H: 1.68m W: 1.8m
    • Price: £288 including VAT
    • Visual: 52 wheelbarrow loads / 130 bin bags

How Much Does a Skip Hire for House Clearances Cost?

See our price list below:

  • 4 Yard Skip: £168 inc VAT
  • 6 Yard Skip: £198 inc VAT
  • 8 Yard Skip: £216 inc VAT
  • 8 Yard Enclosed Skip: £240 inc VAT
  • 12 Yard Skip: £288 inc VAT

What are the Benefits of Skip Hire for House Clearances?

House clearances may be required for a number of reasons, such as a change of ownership or tenant. Whatever the case may be, skip hire for house clearances is a great service, as it allows the owner to get rid of unwanted items, such as furniture, and get a fresh start.

We’ve optimised our skip hire service to include even more benefits and make the entire process smoother and more enjoyable. Here are 5 benefits:

  • Size selection – We have five different skip hire options for you to choose from, meaning that whether your house clearance is big, small, sensitive, quick, or long, we can provide a skip for you.
  • Convenience – Skips can easily fit on most properties, they are delivered and collected very quickly at your request, and can be self-loaded over a longer period of time if needed.
  • Customer support – Our friendly account managers are happy to answer any questions on 0333 733 7547 or by email at info@clickaskip.co.uk.
  • Environmentally friendly – We have dedicated teams at our recycling centres to sort through your household waste and separate it into as many waste streams as is required. This helps to maximise recycling rates
  • Professional – Our teams are licensed, trained, and experienced to ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally.

Is Skip Hire for House Clearances Better Than a Man and Van Service?

Depending on the size and duration of your house clearance, it may be sensible to opt for either, however, we have some important advice on this matter:

  • Labour charges: Man and van services charge for labour, whereas with a skip hire for house clearances service you are responsible for loading the skip yourself.
  • Time: Man and van clearances often take place on one certain day, whereas with a skip hire you can keep the skip for weeks and load it at your own pace.
  • Price: A skip hire usually works out as better value for money, as you are not paying for labour, volume, or time.
  • Size of waste: For very large house clearance projects, we offer a 12 yard skip, which can hold an impressive amount of material.
  • Security: Opt for our 8 yard enclosed skip and you are able to lock the skip to protect the contents from being stolen or added to.

What’s the Difference Between House Clearance Services and Skip Hire for House Clearances?

House clearance services are when a team of operatives turn up at your home and clear it for you, often breaking down items to get them into their vehicles. This is quite similar to a man and van service but usually on a larger scale. Skip hire for house clearances involves hiring a skip and loading it yourself in your own time, often throughout the duration of your clearance project.

What Can I Put in the Skip?

The list of what can go inside a skip is incredibly long, so here are a few common items that we find:

  • Wood
  • Soil, grass, and other garden waste
  • Metal
  • Rubble
  • Plastic, polystyrene, and other packaging materials
  • Gas cookers
  • Small furniture
  • Domestic waste
  • Bricks

What Can’t I Put in the Skip?

These items are forbidden by law:

  • Fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps
  • Contaminated spills and rags
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Paint in original containers
  • Aerosols
  • Antifreeze and brake fluids
  • Oil and fuel filters
  • Toner / laser cartridges
  • Asbestos
  • Inkjet cartridges

As Well as These Items, You Cannot Include:

  • Explosives
  • Tyres
  • Plasterboard
  • Medical waste
  • Mattresses
  • Items that stick out of the top

Please be reminded that you cannot overfill your skip. If the contents are poking out of the top, they will need to be rearranged or removed.

Do I Need a Permit for My Skip?

Skip permits are only required if you are planning to place your skip on a public highway. If this is the case, our account managers will be able to help book your permit from the local council.

How long Can I Keep the Skip For?

Typically, skips are kept for up to two weeks, but in some cases, we can extend this time if needed. In cases where a permit is used, the permit will indicate how long the skip may legally remain on the road.

How Can I Protect the Metal Contents of My Skip?

Many customers typically throw a waterproof sheet over their skip at night, however, the most efficient and secure way of protecting your metal contents is to opt for the 8 Yard Enclosed Skip, which has lockable doors and can keep the contents from either being stolen or added to.

Can a Skip Hire for House Clearances Save Me Money?

Yes. With skip hire for house clearances, you are in control of the loading of the skip, meaning you do not pay for labour. You can also keep the skip for several weeks and load it at your leisure. You pay a fixed price for your skip depending on the size of the skip, not the volume that you fill. If we can place the skip on your private property you will also benefit from road permit savings.

What is Included in the Skip Hire for House Clearances Price?

Our service begins with our customer advice, showing you our skip options and discussing whether you need a permit from your local council or not. Once the booking is made, we will deliver the skip as per your request and when you are finished using it, simply inform us and we will collect it. From there, we will reuse, recycle, and recover as much of the contents as possible. You will also receive all of the relevant legal documentation and receipts.

What Should I Do Now?

If you have a metal waste project in the near future, get in touch with us today on 0333 733 7547 or use our Skip Chooser tool to find the perfect skip for your needs.

Author: Gary Watson
Published: March 4, 2019