Welcome to the ClickaSkip Guide to Weekend Skip Hire! We are going to explore the ins and outs of hiring a skip either at the weekend or just for the weekend.

This guide is comprised of frequently asked questions. We have done our best to answer them for ClickaSkip specifically. The answers may vary from one skip hire company to another. If your question is not answered, please get in touch.

Can I Hire a Skip for the Weekend?

Yes, of course! Here at ClickaSkip, we are able to offer same day deliveries of skips to suit your convenience. If you want your skip hire for a long weekend, we can drop it off on a Thursday and pick it up on a Sunday. Maybe you only want the skip for one night, so we can leave it with you on Saturday and come back to collect it on Sunday.

The important thing in this situation is to make your booking as early as possible so that the company you hire with (hopefully ClickaSkip) can make sure that operatives, vehicles, and skips are available on the day. The shorter the notice, the harder it will be to accommodate your needs.

How Do I Book My Weekend Skip?

There are two ways to book your skip through ClickaSkip. We have made a really simple-to-use online booking form at www.clickaskip.co.uk. The online booking process is done in three steps.

  • Step one: Put your postcode in and choose whether your skip will be placed on private land or a road.
  • Step two: Next, choose the size and type of skip you need (we have five options that will be explained in the next question).
  • Step three: There may be some available extras to choose from. Tick the ones you want.

The other way to book a skip from ClickaSkip is to call up one of our account managers on 0333 733 7547 and begin the process that way. They are friendly, dedicated, and would be happy to help!

Which Skips Can I Hire Over the Weekend?

We have five different types of skips available for weekend hire:

  • 4-yard skips – Cost £168 and the dimensions are L:2.57m H1.09m W:1.77m
  • 6-yard skips – Cost £198 and the dimensions are L:3.1m H:1.24m W1.77m
  • 8-yard skips – Cost £216 and the dimensions are L:3.55m H:1.3m W:1.79m
  • 8-yard skips (enclosed) – Cost £216 and the dimensions are L:3.2m H:1.55m W:1.79m
  • 12-yard skips – Cost £288 and the dimensions are L:4.14m H:1.68m W: 1.8m

As your skip hire will be done over a shorter period of time, you might want a smaller skip. Check out this comprehensive guide to 4-yard skips. Alternatively, you can use this skip size guide to help assess what size skip you need.

Where Can I Keep My Weekend Skip?

You have two options, you can put your skip on private land, typically a yard, front garden, or a driveway, or, you can put it on the road in front of your property. For the latter option, you will need a permit from the council, but don’t worry, we can take care of that on your behalf.

If I Need the Skip Longer, Can I?

Sure! Generally, people hire skips for around 14 days, so if you need to keep it longer than the weekend, you’re entitled to do so. Please let us know at your earliest convenience, in order to avoid any complications.

Can I Get a Discount by Having the Skip For a Shorter Period of Time?

Our account managers may have certain offers or deals available to you that cannot be found online. Call 0333 733 7547 and speak to them today to find out if they can help you.

I Need the Skip Gone on Sunday Evening, Can You Manage It?

We will need to know in advance if you require a Sunday collection, ideally at the time of booking. Calling on a Sunday to request a same day collection may not always be possible.

Is it Easy to Find Weekend Hire Skips?

Actually, it’s quite difficult to find skips for the weekend as most waste management companies traditionally close. The national companies typically do not operate at the weekends, and so it is the job of small to medium enterprises to fill this need. Fortunately, ClickaSkip is able to meet your weekend skip hire needs.

When Should I Call to Book My Skip?

As soon as humanly possible so that we can make the drop off and collection as smooth as we can.

What Can I Put in My Weekend Skip?

You can load your weekend skip just like any other skip. For reference, here are the forbidden items:

  • Fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps
  • Contaminated spills and rags
  • Aerosols
  • Paint in original containers
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Antifreeze and brake fluids
  • Oil and fuel filters
  • Toner / laser cartridges
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Asbestos

As well as these items, you cannot include:

  • A large percentage of heavy waste and inert materials, like gravel
  • Explosives
  • Tyres
  • Plasterboard
  • Medical waste
  • Mattresses
  • Items that stick out of the top

Is Skip Hire for the Weekend Better Than a Man and a Van Service?

This one is totally up for debate and it depends on your perspective.

Here are the arguments for why we think it’s better:

  • You can load the skip yourself, in your own time
  • You can keep the skip beyond the weekend if you need to
  • No strangers coming in and out of your property
  • You can spend the whole weekend loading the skip
  • You don’t have to pay for labour costs
  • You don’t have to pay for volume

What Should I Do Now?

We want to help you navigate all options and issues, so give our friendly account managers a call and they will be able to advise on the best skip hire for the weekend options. In line the Waste Duty of Care and other environmental legislation, we recycle and recover as much of your waste as possible.

If you’re ready to book right now, visit https://www.clickaskip.co.uk/skip-chooser

Author: Gary Watson
Published: March 27, 2019