Storage tips for solid waste items

October 17, 2017

Be it a home or business owner, at some point in time, you will need a skip! It would not be wrong to call it a universal service provider in matters of waste disposal. When you have booked a skip, you tend to wait for it anxiously to arrive so that the mess around is cleaned as soon as possible. But it’s sometimes worth waiting to hire your skip so that waste from multiple clear outs can be Some people combine skip on hire to dispose of various kinds of waste of multiple clear outs so that the waste is removed in one go. The cost per yard of waste removed is always less with a bigger skip too. So how to store this waste temporarily in a safe and secure way? ClickaSkip has a solution for this problem. The tremendous experience and customer interaction that the waste management experts at ClickaSkip gives them a unique vantage point in providing tips to store waste until it is picked up.

Here are the details that you need to know:

Type of waste

Solid waste covers a pretty broad range of products. It includes anything from waste materials like bricks and masonry from a construction site, unwanted files, clips, and papers from the office suites and furniture at home. The pile from the construction site usually heavy, however, it is easy for the builders to pile their waste neatly in a remote corner where people seldom go or add barriers so that there are no major accidents or falls..

Protection of waste

Perhaps surprisingly an important thing to take into the account is the pile should be protected from theft. Waste materials are almost all recycled and some, particularly metals can have value. If you have metals, even old furniture some people may find it useful and take things. Not only is this unsafe, but you can be sure that they won’t tidy up after themselves either. Try to keep such pile covered or put items likely to be taken at the bottom of the waste pile or create a separate heap for them.

Free waste

The opposite of the above, piles of waste can encourage others to contribute their own waste to your pile too. However they won’t be as careful as you about that they dump and you’ll have more waste to put in the skip when it arrives, harder work and more expensive too. Best to keep things covered.

Hire a skip

No matter what kind of waste it is, storing it for a long time can be awkward and hazardous to everyone around. It is best to plan things so you can get rid of your waste in a timely way. ClickaSkip offers skip hire in many sizes, including some covered skips one of which is sure to suit the kind of waste that you intend to dispose of. Whether the skip is hired for business or home, Disposing of a small amount of waste is generally
easy and can be done without any hassle. Call the ClickaSkip number or log onto in order to get a quote instantly. You can inquire about the types of skips and choose one that is perfectly suited for your needs.
Also get details and tips about recycling and waste management while you are at it.
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