How you can declutter your office space and increase productivity

May 25, 2017

Did you know that you can improve productivity in your business by reducing the waste and junk that that gets left in your workspace ?
It is true, scientifically;
a neat and clean environment is healthier for the people working there supports personal productivity.
You and the people that you work with spend a lot of waking hours at work.
Would it be nicer if the junk were  taken care of and it would be cleaner for everybody?
Wouldn’t more people want to spend time in the office if it were junk free and better managed?
While people spend a lot of time, money and effort in keeping their homes clean,
the office should is just as important.
A messy office can be putting off in more than just one way and a clean one would be just as inviting.

Time to hire an office skip!

Removing the junk or decluttering the space should be an important ritual in which employees should participate.
Hire a skip to the day to help dispose all the waste that is collected.
Office junk can be divided in the following ways to be better managed when cleaning it out:


pens, clips, office equipment that is obsolete, etc. usually keep sitting in corners and accumulating.
These small items although not strong contenders to be called as junk by themselves can be a big mess collectively.


Paper is everywhere in a modern office.
Do you really need those old brochures, out of date calendars.
marketing materials for products long discontinued? no.
How about the boxes for the computers and printers.
that notice boards that was never hung on the wall? Probably not!
The good news is that all this can go straight into the skip and be recycled easily. .

Dust and dirt

When the junk accumulates to a level that it raises in volume,
there tends to be a layer of dust that forms on it which is quite hard to clean.
The better way to deal with this is to clear the junk out completely and then target the cleaning.

How to keep your commercial space decluttered?

Own the spaces

all departments have their space where they work.
they should also be responsible for keeping it clear, clean and tidy..
This will make the cleaning process much easier since everybody has a dedicated and
comparatively small space to clear out.

Shelves, stickers and boxes

things that are not being used should not be left lying around
which may become a hindrance and nuisance for others.
Instead they should be divided on various shelves, boxed and have sticky notes about what is inside.
When a skip bin is hired to take the junk out,
these divisions will help make the process very quick and effective.

Tidy up before you leave, every day

this is a great way of avoiding the junk in the first place.
Even if every person took only 5 to 10 minutes every day to ensure
that the space is not cluttered with things that are not need,
the office space would be much bigger, brighter and better.
Your office skip will take care of things from there!