The transformation, development and maintenance of Bordon

November 24, 2017

The town of Bordon which lies on the south-east of Alton, has been a military base and is still predominantly a military town with military training and accommodation. Its proximity and connectivity to major stations in the UK make it an even better location to have commercial properties but the development in that arena is slow due to the fact that the town, unlike other towns near Alton, has never been a major marketplace. It offers some options for primary and secondary education as well as a good sized residential area.

Developments and transformations

The latest development is a transformation project is to convert Bordon into a green town. Here are some transformation and development details:


This project will have an infrastructure to accommodate the transformation of the Quebec and the Louisburg Barracks into enclosures which will have pockets specifically for wildlife, cycling tracks, picnic spots and walking tracks. The transformation is also to ensure that there is more sunlight to facilitate the growth of local plant species.
The Hogmoor enclosure is a similar project to transform the Prince Philip Barracks and is being managed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

Relief road

The planned regeneration through a relief road will be able to provide an alternative to the A325 which would still be free-flowing and make the new developments accessible.
It will significantly improve the traffic congestion on the A325 and reduce the community impact from a major road.

Shipwrights way

A path which is expected to be 50 miles long and specifically focusing on horse riders, cyclists and walkers creates a picturesque landscape connecting East Hampshire to the countryside.

Residential projects

Amongst the development is a varied array of residential housing too.
A skills center will enhance the lifestyle of the people in this area and provide construction skills and vocational training to the people.


Bordon does face issues such as fly-tipping from the nearby market towns and congestion due to the traffic on A325.
The development plans will manage most of these issues, some will have to be considered maintenance.
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