The story of Braintree and its governance

October 26, 2017

Braintree in the United Kingdom has evolved tremendously. From Roman Invasion in the 11th century to the beginning of the manufacturing and processing of woolen and silk clothes before the World War II, Braintree has seen several changes in its atmosphere. In the current times too, Braintree houses many factories and commercial ventures are on-going at different scales all over the town. The residential area is towards the south of Braintree whereas the north has rural areas where agriculture is a full-time operation.
The area has two rivers flowing which was the cause of people settling in the region and its development since 4000 years.
The town has a bright history and artifacts from several time periods can be seen at the John Ray museum. The region is popular for its textile mills which provides employment to locals at a grand magnitude.
There are many schools and universities that are scattered which bring people from other villages and towns to settle here.
People are equally enthusiastic about the Braintree Arts Theatre and the Football Club with many locals taking them to a commercial level too.
The culture here is cosmopolitan with people favouring the growth of the arts and the commercial sector side by the side.
The local governance has proved itself apt in taking care of issues of management and development, alike.
The commercial sector contributes to the economic growth and the town is growing constantly.

Waste management at Braintree

The locals are almost all engaged in agriculture, textile or have small businesses.The commercial sector requires the most attention here since there is a tremendous volume of commercial waste as well as a heavy emphasis on responsible waste management.
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