Skip hire is the number one way of getting rid of domestic and commercial waste in the United Kingdom.

Construction sites with a skip in the corner, getting filled with rubble and other waste material during the project is a common sight and works out well for the contractors doing the work.
But have you ever thought about where these skips come from? Do they have a history worth mentioning? Why yes they do!


Skips, even though a common commercially used item today, has a rather interesting past. They came into existence as a post-World WarII invention which helped manage waste in Germany. Waste was tipped from trucks in a barren land by their drivers after they were filled and driven to the tip. But with the struggling economy, it was not affordable for the driver himself to be waiting idly for the bin to be filled. Another problem was of construction waste getting piled on the site of work, which made working environment hazardous. It was dangerous for not
only the employees working there but the public in general.


Leaving an empty skip on site was an innovative answer to both these problems and increased safety in the construction industry together with increasing efficiency in the waste collection and management sectors. The tipper drivers would leave the skip behind at the site and when filled they would collect and tip it with a specialised vehicle. This tip and forget approach worked perfectly well until the awareness about caring for the environment and sustainability became important.


This not-so-new issue required skip hire companies to think about how they disposed of the waste collected. New laws and taxes, such as the landfill tax was implemented to control tipping and restrictions were imposed to ensure that there was a standardised way of disposing of waste.


This was the time when responsible waste management companies like ClickaSkip began to provide and actively create environmental sustainability together with providing an economic way of waste disposal. From the small villages like Billinghurst to the city of London, almost all parts of the United Kingdom are serviced by ClickaSkip. But that is not all that makes it so accessible, ClickaSkip also provides easy booking options, several payment options, smooth delivery and pickup of the skip with a public feedback forum too.

The contribution of skip hire is massive, it affects every household and commercial organisation in the UK today. Almost everyone, whether for work or for domestic waste, has hired a skip in order to get rid of waste. With the realisation of how the industry has evolved and its emphasis on recycling as much of the waste as possible, companies such as ClickaSkip are writing the next chapter for the future of the industry, making it more efficient,
robust and helpful for customers.

Author: Gary Watson
Published: December 16, 2017