The bare essentials of hiring a skip

May 15, 2017

When you decided to hire a skip, you already made a good,
cost effective and environmentally friendly decision.
Commercial and household waste is best disposed of correctly Expert skip hire providers like ClickaSkip know this,
provide skips for hire and take care of everything, sorting, recycling to disposing of the waste.
So what must you be concerned about? Here is the full list:

The Size of the skip

This totally depends on what is the quantity and volume of the waste.
A 2 cubic yard skip bins can hold up 20 black bin bags. A 12 yard industrial skip, 140.
It’s always cheaper to get one big skip than 2 smaller ones making the same capacity,
but take care that the waste in a very large skip isn’t too heavy,
If you expect to fill the skip with heavy items like bricks rubble or concrete a 6 yard skip is the largest you should hire.

Where to place the skip?

This is something that many do not consider when hiring a skip.
A skip that that is too big may not fit where you would like and don’t forget that the truck needs access to deliver and collect the skip too.
Skips can be placed anywhere you wish on your property,
if they are going on public property. including verges and parking bays, then you’ll generally need a local authority permit and lighting on the skip too.
Consider if anyone else has access to the skip, in busy areas they are sometimes used by others who don’t aks you first!
For most parts it is easiest to place the skip bin on your driveway or garden so that loading it is easy.
When the skip is on your property you are free to load it as convenient and
do not have to worry about disturbing anyone either.

Choosing the right company

This is the most important factor to consider.
The right company should have experts and equipment that are able to take care of your waste disposal accurately.
All skip hire companies are required to have a waste carriers license to operate,
A serious company will have their own licensed waste transfer station to sort and recycle the waste they collect.
Of course the best solution in the UK is to get in touch with who only use fully licensed and insured services.

In conclusion, the right skip size and type depends upon the waste that is to be removed.
The skip should be placed conveniently ideally on your property so that the waste can be loaded without hassle and
the right skip hire company skip hire will help you get rid of waste safely and in the most cost effective manner..