4 great renovation tips for your store

November 24, 2017

In the United Kingdom people, maintenance of home and office spaces together with frequent upgrades are among the most costly things after buying property.

Especially when it comes to commercial property, people who work with DIY kits for home upgrade projects prefer to rely only on professionals to get the job done. If the property is on rent, in case of residential maintenance and upkeep is taken care of by the owner.
But since commercial properties are on a lease, the owner is only required to ensure that the utilities in the building are working. All of the repair, upkeep and upgrade requirement is entirely up to the business who is renting the space.Renovation projects, apart from maintenance and upgrades are up to the business needs and change
accordingly. Which means that with a change in the business environment, the business owners may have to keep renovating or changing the look at their own expense. This can become time, effort and a serious money consuming affair.

So here are some quick tips to help you get on the right track with renovations at your store:

Anticipate and plan

You know your business best. Do not make changes to your store infrastructure based on one season alone. If you must, then have certain reusable props that can be put up with the new seasons. These would save renovation costs by a great degree and yet ensure that your store has a new look when you need it.
Invest in long coloured curtains instead of repainting the walls and install movable structures so that making changes is easy, affordable and quick.


Having your employees on-board with repair, renovation and upkeep programs for your store will be highly beneficial.
Have teams ready who would be responsible for the maintenance of certain things in the store. Plumbing, electrical fittings, washroom maintenance and window displays can be handed over to specific teams who can come up with a budget and maintenance schedule for their respective areas.


When working in teams it is best you establish timelines for completion of tasks and provide incentives for getting the work done sooner or within a limited budget. It will be much more effective to pay the employees for higher levels of engagement rather than spending on costly repair and maintenance work.

Hire a skip

ClickaSkip can provide you with a cost-effective skip on hire at periodic intervals to collect the clutter and waste from your workspace.
This allows your business to be more productive and innovative with the space utilisation too. ClickaSkip is the market leader in waste disposal and skips on rent because of the industry experience, commitment to recycling waste and providing the best customer experiences in the United Kingdom.
It is among the only companies that have a public display of feedback received from clients. ClickaSkip understands the value of your time so ensures that the skip is dropped and picked up accordingly.
Maintain your retail space with these tips to ensure that your longterm profits are maximized.