Plastics are involved in every aspect of our daily life; water bottles, laundry detergent,honey and mayonnaise bottles on the table.

Just a simple scan of the room and it is easy to find plastic everywhere from hall to bedroom and balcony.
Globally About 50 million bottles of plastic are thrown in the garbage every day
which cannot be easily decomposed.

The dependency on plastic makes it even more important to recycle and reuse them for environmental benefits. What can be done?
Here are some creative projects that can be taken up by individuals to reduce the impact of plastic on the
environment and of course, help save money too.

Using plastic bottles as cups

Offices are the biggest contributor of the plastic waste, so after having a refreshing drink, let’s not throw away the bottle but recycle
it into a container which can hold your pens in the office or craft supplies in the house.

Convert Honey bottles into snack storage

Various kinds of snacks can be packed in empty bottles of honey.You can store any food item inside and it is easy to carry on road trips too.
The recycled bottle can be used for storing salt, pepper, sugar and other similar products at home.

Recycling bottles into planters

Any two-litre bottle can be converted into a plant pot. Simple drawing and craft on the bottle make it even more attractive. Get some extra green
points by using the bottles to grow herbs. Cut the top half of the bottle with a sharp object and have some tiny
holes at the base. Fill the bottle with soil and easily grow small indoor plants or herbs in the garden.

Turn laundry bottles into water cans

Just punch some holes in the cap of the empty detergent bottle and it turns into a watering can.

Make Garden scooper from a milk carton or plastic bottle

One of the simplest projects and the most useful; is to make a scooper from used milk cartons.
It can be used to slugs and garden pests or even clean up after the dog.

Plastic bottles as trash cans

There is no bigger symbol of going green than making a trash can from the used bottles. Plastic makes a great container to dispose of waste.
The large containers from water coolers are perfect for this.

Making lamps from bottle caps

The bottles can be converted into various things but there is a way to use their caps. The caps can be converted into lamps through a simple DIY project by joining them edgewise with short pieces of wire.

Toys from recycled bottles

The used shampoo bottles can be made into toys to entertain the kids. Use paints, stick some attractive papers there are various ways to make it fun.
Whether you are in Guildford, Winchester or Luton, these easy to follow tips will help reduce your plastic waste.
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your waste is dealt with right and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Author: Gary Watson
Published: January 5, 2018