Did you know that recycling a 4 feet high stack of newspapers is equivalent to saving a 40 feet height fir tree? There are many items in your house and office which can be recycled without requiring much of your time or effort. Recycling is usually dependent on being able to sort things into categories, so a bit of time initially setting up spaces or recycle bins means the rest of the journey is a breeze. Save natural resources, energy and landfill sites by introducing just some small changes in your daily habits.
Most councils do have their own specific rules for accepting items to be recycled but you should be prepared to clean, sort and collect the items by material type. Metal food cans, aluminum, glass, plastic and paper are all accepted for recycling. Plastic is at times, trickier since its grade determines if it can be recycled and how easily you can get it processed at a recycling center.
Look at the recycling label and sort it by the numbers on the label. A little more work but an easily achievable goal.

Coming back to the recycling tips. Here are a few that can be incorporated into your home and office with ease:

Convenience is king

Make sure that the sorting is convenient for people. Label the bins and get people familiar with them. Making it easy will make it more successful! Bins that are within reach are preferred to ensure that waste is sorted right away and makes the further recycling much simpler.
If kids are involved in this process then you can have baskets to gather waste rather than bins. Make it into an activity or competition where the one with properly sorted and more items in their basket gets applauded.
Use hooks to create a vertical bin holding space to minimise space consumption and get waste bins out of the way yet remaining easy to reach.
Things like batteries that cannot be put in the standard waste or the recycling bin should be kept separate and disposed of properly.
Old coffee or biscuit tins can be a good way to store used batteries.
For a large family or an office space, place larger and more functional bins to gather recycling waste items.
For items that are either too big, cannot be recycled locally or if you are just unsure about them, dispose them by hiring a skip from ClickaSkip.
You can hire a skip in the size that is suitable for your requirement and be sure that ClickaSkip will recycle as much of the waste gathered as possible using expert help.
An industry leader, ClickaSkip has a record of recycling over 99% of the waste collected.
You can get personalised advice on waste management and disposal from the experts at ClickaSkip. Call the helpline number today (0333 733 7547).
Your family members and peers will not take long to get accustomed to these changes and with these small steps, you can make a big difference to the environment.

Author: Gary Watson
Published: December 12, 2017