Recycling at home takes barely any time and yet offers significant benefits to the environment and to you as a homeowner.

In the UK awareness of the benefits of recycling is strong, but information about exactly how to do it usually requires a search. If you want to make a difference to your local society as well as the global environment then to incorporating recycling in your life is a must. But people do mistake it as a big task and brush it aside.
So here are some easy ways in which you can make recycling a part of your household without having to spend too much or put in a great deal of effort.

1. Paper

Anything that is in paper form whether it is newspapers, cardboard boxes, magazines, plastic lined paper drink cartons are all recyclable.
You can check this with your local recycling centre too. Most paper and cars packaging can be recycled easily.
If in doubt check the material for the recycling symbol. As you are able to separate them, keep them dry and remove any rubber bands or plastic wrapping, you can get them recycled.

2. Plastic

This is considered to be a major challenge area in the recycling world due to the wide variety of plastic materials.
But it is well worth building your awareness as it is certainly true that using plastic that is not recycled and using oil to create more is harmful to the environment. It does not disintegrate in landfills. Hence, one should not add more to the pile, but you can use, re-use and recycle what you already have.
Take care to only use recyclable plastic in your daily lives and limit its use to the extent that you can.
Read about the different grades assigned to plastic. Grocery bags, plastic bottles, baby bottles, food containers and even cups and trays come in a recyclable grade which will be accepted by your local council for a recycling center.

3. Glass

You can recycle glass based on its colour and is sorted in that way too. That is, clear, brown and green.
You may leave paper labels on it when sending for recycling.
Other glass items are also sorted to be melted together since the composition of mirror glasses, tube lights, glass
containers, pyrex and sheet glass are all different.
Some local stores accept Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) to be recycled too.
For the waste that is not accepted by local recycling units hire a skip from ClickaSkip and let the experts in the waste management industry take responsibility and recycle almost all the waste gathered. Call the ClickaSkip helpline or visit their website to get an instant quote for the skip hire you need.

Author: Elviss
Published: December 12, 2017