We cannot take online orders for on-road skips because this requires a local authority permit. We'd be happy to help you with this, please call us on 0333 733 7547.

Medium Skips


90 - 60

Bin Bags

40 - 20

Wheel Barrow Loads

W: 1.83 L: 3.30 H: 1.4

H: 1.77 L: 3.30 W: 1.24

Ranges From

Dimensions (Meters)

6 - 8 Yards3

This skips holds approximately
70 - 90 bin bags

Almost as popular as the 6 yard skip is the 8 yard skip, which we know as the Large Builder's Skip. Aptly named, the Large Builder's Skip is perfect for contents such as tiles, bricks, and concrete. The most common projects it is used for include house clearances, building projects, commercial use, and construction waste. Fill to a level load.

Large Builder’s Skip 8 Yard³

Prices are quoted 'from' please check availability for exact price.



More Information

If you need any help we can guide you in the right direction with our experienced staff and over 25 years of expertise we can help get your project under way in no time.

0333 733 7547


If you require a Council Highway permit, when placing in the order make sure the delivery date is at least three working days away.

Loading the Skip

When loading the skip, make sure it's filled so that the top is level with all of the sides. We will not be able to move the container if the load is deem unsafe.

Hazardous Items

Do not place any hazardous materials in the skip, as they could endanger our staff. Examples include solvents, paints, pyrotechnics, liquids, tyres, TVs and other monitors, fridges and asbestos

Skip Chooser

Skip Chooser

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