Waste Disposal – all you need to know about recycling and reusing

June 10, 2017

A home renovation project, a garden overhaul or just spring cleaning generates waste that you need to dispose of.
In the United Kingdom there are responsible companies such as ClickaSkip.co.uk which offer skips on hire
and will let you get rid of all the rubbish.
Whether you are a homeowner or business owner,
ClickaSkip is the service to take away all your waste disposal worries.

Worries? Yes, waste disposal worries! Just getting the waste taken away is not enough.
What happens to the waste afterwards, is it dumped, incinerated or or recycled?
It cannot be denied, some of it may end up in the incinerator or a landfill but then again,
there is a reason why companies such as ClickaSkip are popular.
The waste collected here is reused and recycled as much as it is humanly possible.

How does the company reuse waste?

When a skip returned it’s emptied and a team of efficient and experienced workers sort the waste. 
They segregate it into things like soil, rubble, wood
and other materials that can be used as input for other industries.
For example – soil is recycled to the construction and landscaping industry,
wood is recycled into manufactured boards.
Hardcore and rubble are segregated by size and used again in new projects. 
Just within construction and landscaping,
there are many materials that are reused and brought back to life in a way
that no one would ever guess they were recycled from a skip.

What kind of waste can be recycled?

Would you believe that the answer to this is, pretty much everything?
It is not the object on the whole that can be recycled but
the material that is made from that can be put back into its raw form and used again.
A good example here is items that are made from plastic or metal.
Things that are put into the skip are those that are either broken or no longer usable.
At ClickaSkip.co.uk, the plastic items are segregated, shredded, melted and converted into beads
which are then supplied to plastic manufacturing companies.
These companies melt the beads again and use them to make new products.
Metal is sorted by type and then melted down to new metal

Garden wastes and anything that is organic in nature and
cannot be used in its own form is made into compost which is reused in new gardens and land reclamation projects.

How does all of this benefit you?

The maximum re use of your waste ensures you make the least impact on the environment.
Using a skip is a fast, cost effective and efficient way of waste disposal
and ensures that all of the environmental and legal restrictions are followed as well as
ensuring maximum recycling. Get the best quote for a skip hire from ClickaSkip today.