Having a big garden enjoying maintaining it, perfectly sums up the dreams of a many UK households. But did you know that you can use the waste that is gathered from your garden to make your very own rich and fertile soil? Here are some suggestions for using garden waste at a small scale which can be easy to achieve.


Many people speak about the importance and value of having a compost.

So let’s directly talk about how you can create one:

a) Buy or build a compost bin, it doesn’t need to be exotic, but does need a lid.
b) Dump garden waste in it ensure it’s damp, cover and leave it alone.
c) Let the waste degenerate naturally, turn it every few months to aerate the compost and check progress.
d) This process may take from a few months to a year, but when it’s done you will have a high-quality fertile soil that you can use
when you are planting more trees or shrubs in your garden and makes an excellent mulch.
e) If you have a bigger space and lots of waste material you can create more compost that distributed among your neighbours and friends too.


A more interesting way to treat wood waste is to make charcoal from it. This is much costlier and time-consuming as a home method of treating garden waste but can be a viable commercial option since charcoal can be sold on the open market or at charity events.
You will need a single barrel kiln which can be used to “cook” your wood waste and produce charcoal. Wood waste
has a high amount of carbon and little amounts of hydrogen and oxygen. From a single unit, you can make more than 30 kilograms of coal each day, so you’ll need a lot of wood waste in your garden!


If you have a really big garden space to manage or just do not have the time to invest in these methods then you have an alternative too.
You can hire a skip from ClickaSkip to get rid of your garden waste instantaneously.You can hire the skip to match
the volume and weight of the waste that you intend to dispose and get it delivered and picked up at a time convenient to you. ClickaSkip is the best alternative because you are assured that all of the organic waste collected will be recycled and that the bare minimum that has to be disposed of after the treatment will be done in an environmentally sustainable way.
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Author: Gary Watson
Published: December 23, 2017