Any responsible citizen considers sustainability.

Like it or not we all have an individual carbon footprint which needs to be minimised this is also true for organisations too. Here are some reasons that education and commerce should keep waste management in their regular agenda.

Boutiques and showrooms

This business type works off the fact that the customers can walk in and be wowed! A cluttered space or waste lying around takes away all the good impressions very quickly.


When in the business of training and nourishing young minds, you cannot have a whole lot of rubbish from the administrative office blocking their learning horizon.


If you are an outlet that either serves food or provide input to other eateries then waste management is a key health and safety priority, without good waste management you risk losing your licenses.

Construction work

Any space with heavy plant or materials can quickly become dangerous for the people working there if the waste is not cleared out in a timely manner.


Let’s face it, you aren’t about to attract any guests to hotels or event spaces which are cluttered or have rubbish disposal issues?
A software business in Chichester or a high street store in Dover, regardless of what type of business you own,
waste management is an issue that is common to everyone.
So here are some smart ways to think about it.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Three golden words from the waste management industry. When you implement a working plan to bring any or all three
of these into effect then you are potentially saving the planet by a mile. Reduce the creation of waste, reuse whatever that can be put to use again and recycle what can be passed along to others?

Segregation bins

Most employers who want to implement an effective waste management process start with this step. Having separate
bins for the various kinds of waste cuts down the time taken for the final task of responsible disposal by more than half.
You can have a separate bin for metals, paper, and plastic to start the process off. With more trips to the
local recycling station, you can keep improving these bins.
Easy to do and a great increase in recyclability too.

Creating awareness

You need to ensure that your entire staff is aware of what is to be done and how.
Emails and example setting from the top management is a great motivation.

Hire a skip

No matter how environmentally impactful your policies are you will eventually have some residual waste that will
need to be disposed of responsibly. The best alternative to do this is to hire a skip from ClickaSkip and be rest assured of not only a great experience but also the
fact that the waste so collected will be disposed of responsibly.

Author: Gary Watson
Published: December 23, 2017