What Happens To The Waste Collected By ClickaSkip?

July 18, 2017

People are often curious to know what happens to the waste that is collected when their full skip is returned to the supplier.
Waste management is far more important now than ever before with the increase in global temperatures and dwindling natural resources..
In the United Kingdom, waste management depends upon the responsible separation of waste and adequate recycling of the waste materials. ClickaSkip has processes to be able to maximise re use and process the waste in a manner that hardly any of it would end in a landfill.

The process of recycling starts with responsible citizens.

Anything that can be used again is not thrown away. Whether it is plastic bottles that can be used as craft material to create a garden center piece or if it is leftover and spoilt food that is turned into compost for the garden and converted to soil.
This helps not only save the costs involved in disposing of the waste items but actually adds value to your household also.
At ClickaSkip, sorting and recycling go hand in hand.
The waste that is collected is sometimes all of the same kind (example – collected from a construction site or a garden renovation project) or is already well sorted by the customers.
In both cases, it is easier to recycle. Otherwise, the sorting of the waste is a much more delicate process than just throwing it in the right bin.
At ClickaSkip, over 97% of the waste received is recycled in some form or the other and sorting is just the first step to achieving that.

Here is how a few common materials are recycled:


This is a useful material that can be used again in the furniture industry by shredding, or as a biofuel or to provide heat by burning. The volume of the wood collected is essential in to determine how it would get used sometimes.


This product can be melted to make new items straight away.
It is also powdered and used within road projects to create traction on the surface so that vehicles do not skid.


ClickaSkip has tie ups with many plastic manufacturing units that welcome plastic shredded and melted to small reusable beads for reuse.


The sorting of cards, papers, cardboard, allows it to be sent to to paper mills which pulp it and use in the manufacturing process for new papers.

Renovation waste

All bricks, rubble, and hardcore are sorted, graded and sent to construction projects across the country for re use Soil and plant material are sorted, screened and composted to re use in reclamation projects, which use a lot of material.
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