Garden waste management at Brentwood

October 26, 2017

Brentwood in Essex, United Kingdom is a suburban town which has a fast expanding residential and commercial
complexes. In spite of that, there is an abundance of the countryside in this town with some open spaced
within a few hundred yards of the town center.
The locals are enthusiastic about maintaining this surrounding within the gardens at their homes and keep updating
it giving their homes a picturesque look. But this obviously means that there is a lot of garden waste too which
is required to be disposed of in an effective manner.
The most trusted company to get rid of garden waste knowing fully well that 100% of the organic waste is recycled and reused is ClickaSkip. The experts at ClickaSkip have also constantly been providing means to reduce, reuse and
recycle waste.

Here are a few helpful tips for reducing garden waste for commercial and residential properties in Brentwood which can be used by anyone.


At Brentwood especially, redesigning is a trend. But not many people know that redesigning your garden can be done
in order to reduce the lawn clippings. You could add a water feature in your garden instead of having bushes or
have a pathway which joins flowerbeds and decking. Not only do they look great but they also support you with
reduced work in the garden and lower maintenance costs.


A good way to reduce waste is by reusing things that are unconventional but do the job. Example – you could use an
egg box as a seed tray. Toilet and foil paper rolls can be used to provide support to plants such as carrots.
Milk cartons can be used as cover to protect plants which are delicate.


The best way in which you can use your garden space to minimise even your domestic waste is by creating a compost.
The output can be used in the same garden as an excellent quality soil. But that does not mean that the creation
of the compost is time, effort or money consuming.
A sustainable future of the environment is in your hands and can be done effectively with mending just a few things.
What about the waste after all of this? ClickaSkip is your answer here too.
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need to get rid of.
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management or recycling.
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