If you have a house in Caterham, Chelmsford or Dartford then it is a good possibility that you have a beautiful garden that you love to maintain and develop.

A survey shows that approximately 60% people in the United Kingdom either already have a great garden or would love to make one.

How can you best dispose of garden waste, start by segregating the waste itself:

A lot of effort is made by local councils to reduce the production of waste and maximise recycling; gardening is one area that usually produces only organic waste, which is the easiest to recycle. If you have space, leaves, twigs and branches can be composted right in your garden and make the good quality material to be used back in your garden. But if you are pressed for time or have large volumes, then there is another great solution.
You can hire a skip from ClickaSkip to dispose of your garden waste and the waste management experts will ensure
that 100% of the organic waste you sent in the skip is recycled and used for better purposes such as bulk compost or reclamation soils.

Recycling landscaping material

People use materials such as stones, wood, and decorative items to create a perfect garden. Things like a bird feeder, garden benches, fences or other such ready to use material can just be given a new lease of life and reused by repairing and cleaning them.
You could donate these items or submit them to a local recycling center too. Heavier items that really don’t have a
use in your garden and are not compostable can be easily added to a skip responsible waste management firms like ClickaSkip will be able to recycle or reuse almost all of this as hardcore or other basic construction material.

About ClickaSkip

ClickaSkip is a leading waste management provider in the United Kingdom. providing skip hire to help you get rid of households and commercial waste.
The company works towards a clean, energy efficient and more environmentally sustainable culture in the United Kingdom.
This requires three things – creating awareness about waste disposal, encouraging recycling practice and finally, properly disposing of the actual waste.
ClickaSkip uses all three methods actively.
ClickaSkip ensures that over 90% of the waste that is collected in skips is recycled.When you hire a skip from ClickaSkip you are also engaging with one of the most efficient and customer-centric companies in the waste management business too.To start with, all you need is to provide a few basic details to get an instant quote and book a skip.
Call (0333 733 7547) to hire a skip today.

Author: Gary Watson
Published: December 23, 2017