Clutter in your home and office can become a serious cause of low productivity. You can be rummaging through the mess and chaos instead of spending valuable time in doing what needs to be done. Clutter is a direct result of having more things that you need. People often want to start clearing waste items but do not know where to start, it can be quite overwhelming and hence most people just do not do it. How about if someone was to tell you that you can get rid of the waste items in five minutes. Yes, it is true. 5 minutes of decluttering and clear out activities each day will ensure that you do not build an unmanageable pile of mess.

Start small, with your wardrobe, then move on to a room and without even realising it, you are already halfway there.

Make sure things that are not needed are segregated and stocked together so that their disposal is quick and easy too.

Here are some great tips to ensure that your home and office decluttering is made even easier:

Charity items

Have a carton or space to store everything that can be given to charity. Clothes, books, appliances that are working but no longer of use to you and other general items can be gathered and given to charity. There are several charitable organisations
in the United Kingdom that come to your doorstep to pick the items too.


This might require a slightly higher time commitment to set up but it worth the effort since it pays back in plenty.
Become environmentally friendly by being a responsible citizen ensuring as much of the clear out waste is recycled as possible.

30-day plan

While you are not required to invest huge amounts of time on an everyday basis, it is important that you have 30 goals and plans to achieve those goals.
Over a long time, having this will ensure that you do not gather clutter in the first place.

Find and create space

When you start to clear things out you will have more space. Use it to store more items, whether of use or to be disposed of, give outer reused in some manner. Just having designated spaces will ensure that you are able to stay ahead in managing your mess.

Hire a skip

When you start to feel progress with what you have been able to segregate, do not let it stay piled in a corner of the house.
Hire a skip from ClickaSkip and get rid of it altogether.

Why ClickaSkip?

It provides great customer experiences when hiring a skip and an exemplary level of recycling too.
You can get an instant quote by logging onto
and providing just a few basic details.
Simple techniques are often the most effective in clearing messes and disposing of waste.
Call ClickaSkip to ensure that the waste is disposed of responsibly and you remain clutter free.

Author: Elviss
Published: November 24, 2017