The Alton area has many commercial companies which bring in a lot of revenue for the economy. The finance sector here is booming and so are small manufacturing units.Many locals run small successful businesses. But have they all considered waste management as a business responsibility? Is everyone aware of the local council laws for proper disposal of waste?
Effective waste management in any business is important as it has a direct impact on the environment.
A healthy company will not only take care of its clients but also the working environment.

Here are some reasons it’s important to consider waste management within their priorities.

Effect on the environment

Improper handling of the waste by a commercial organisation has great impact on the environment. Piles of waste, not managed properly can block the drainage and waterways system. This will create a stagnant pool of water which may become insanitary. The waste may also pollute the soil and water. Human health is at risk. Recently there is a lot of awareness of the consequences of non biodegradable waste like plastic. It takes hundreds of years to decompose if simply dumped, having the worst effect on the environment as it does. Minimising use and maximum recycling of plastic is an urgent requirement for the planet.

Risk of fire

Improper management of waste is a threat in other direct ways. Much of the waste that is disposed of regularly such as packaging, paper, insulating materials, wood and plastic are highly flammable.
If left in large quantities the can self combust and smoulder for weeks as the fires are very difficult to extinguish. Cartyres are and some plastics can release unpleasant or toxic fumes when burning hence their storage regulated and uncontrolled burning is not permitted.

Visual discomfort

Simply put, piles of rubbish don’t look nice! and it’s also true a small amount of fly tipping can attract more dumping very quickly. Much better to dispose and recycle straight away. Poor waste management can have a great impact on visual environment, depress property values and even the local economy. Companies that understand this, take responsibility for efficient and effective disposal of their waste and maintaining their environment.

Skip Hire

Skip hire is an ideal way for companies in Alton to dispose of their waste, prices are competitive, the service good and almost 100% of their waste will be recycled too. ClickaSkip is competitively priced, easy to book and arranges the drop off and pick-up of the skip plus the recycling of the waste collected.

Author: Elviss
Published: October 30, 2017