Want to hire a skip? Read this…

May 13, 2017

Would you believe that the right skip can make your renovation or redecoration job much simpler?
It is true! Whether you are just tidying the house or removing the junk from the loft,
you need the right skip hire provider to get you through it all!

Size of the skip

While this is the easiest to figure out, it is also the one point that most people get wrong!
Do not be one of those who hire a smaller size of a skip hoping to accommodate whatever junk you have in it anyway.
Instead be rational and check the quantity of waste you have junk.
If you have approximately 20 bin bags worth of waste then a mini skip should be good.
A full size industrial skip can contain 140!

Renovating a small room or kitchen might require a 4 yard skip.
A standard skip contains 6 yards and when clearing out a commercial space or a residential refurbishment project,
you would need a skip bin that is 8 cubic yards or more.
Major projects or disposing of a large amount of packaging can be done with a 10 or 12 yard skip.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the ClickaSkip team to get an estimate of the size of skip that you need and its cost too.
The easiest way to do that is to log on to www.clickaskip.co.uk right now.

How to fill the skip?

This is the next big question now that the size of the skip bin is sorted.
The skip should be filled in with flat and bulky items at its base and smaller items on the top.
A skip should never be over filled, it could cause safety issues and
might not be collected if it’s too dangerous to transport.

What to put in a skip ?

You can put in general waste items, garden waste, renovation waste, furniture and clearance items.
A better way to understand what to put in a skip bin is to know what cannot be disposed using it:

➢ Asbestos
➢ Batteries
➢ Medical or clinical waste
➢ Fluorescent tubes
➢ Freezers, fridges and air conditioning units
➢ Gas bottles or canisters
➢ Hazardous and toxic materials
➢ Liquids
➢ Oil, petrol or diesel
➢ Paint or its cans
➢ Tyre

If you are unsure at any time then get in touch with the experts at ClickaSkip today.