The ultimate guide to reducing skip hire costs

October 30, 2017

ClickaSkip provides a wide variety of skips for hire.

They can easily be rented for the time necessary to load them up. The booking flexibility and payment convenience make hiring from ClickaSkip a great solution, You get to concentrate on your life, renovation projects and keeping the clutter out of your world while ClickaSkip deals with all the rubbish in the best possible way. Skip hire is certainly easily the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of getting rid of your waste, these tips will help you minimise the costs still further.

The correct size:

Most people get this deliberately wrong. Yes, that right! People deliberately hire skips that are smaller than their requirements hoping to cram everything in.

The only two e possibilities that come out of this situation are:-

a) all your waste does not fit in making it necessary for you to hire a skip one more time, hiring 2 4 yards skips is far more expensive than hiring one 8 yard one.
b) you end up causing problems trying to stuff everything in, waste a lot of your time in doing so and potentially overload the skip so it cannot safely be collected! The better and more economical way to deal with this is to hire a skip which is the correct size; not forgetting that the weight of the waste can be important as well as the volume.
It’s always best to hire a skip that is slightly too large that one slightly too small.
If you are unsure about what size you need the ClickaSkip web site provides guidance.

Break things down:

Now that we’re speaking of dimensions, let’s also agree that certain things will just fit into a smaller skip if it is broken down further. A fence will fit in a mini skip if it is broken into a few pieces, it’s particularly effective to break furniture down into it’s component parts..


our need to know how long it will need you to load the skip. It is obviously better if you have gathered the waste to one side before the skip arrives so that this time is minimised too. A good skip hire company charges you based on the size of the skip,and your location. Thed charges doesn’t vary by the length of hire, but 2 weeks is generally considered to be the maximum time you can keep the skip. Incidentally size and postcode are the only details that you need to provide. when you book a skip with ClickaSkip. Nabeel who recently hired an extra-large mini skip from ClickaSkip said this about the service, “Timely and well deserved excellent service. Very good
communication from their side and reached on time. Delivered timely and collected on time as well.”

Combine jobs:

When you know that you have a home renovation project on-going, you may want to do the garden renovation at the same time and get rid of the waste together. It helps because you save on the costs to hire a skip again for your next project. If you are a contractor then combining a few small jobs worth of waste to dispose together may make better sense. It might be worthwhile sharing the skip with a neighbour, the cost per yard of skip size is much lower if you get a bigger skip.
A trusted customer who hired a Low End Standard Builders Skip, approx 6 yards from ClickaSkip, “Was very happy with the service they kept me informed by text when delivery and collection was, skip was left where I had asked for it to be.
I would use them again.”