Over the years, we at ClickaSkip have discovered enough peculiar items to warrant an entire series of hidden camera/practical joke programmes: Here are just some of the more astonishing ones:

Item 1:

The very real looking dog named Woof.

This little doggy certainly gave us all a fright. Don’t believe us: check out the picture!

This little dog, (we’ve named him Woof),  looked out at us with his puppy dog eyes, from a skip last week. Believed to hail from the Canterbury area, he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, complete with moveable legs, tail, and head. Yet, unbelievably, he is not real.

Perhaps the owners had a great sense of humour and Woof was used as a party piece, or perhaps he starred in a production, or maybe he was used as security (we can see why!).

Either way, we would love to learn how life for Woof started out. If this is your dog, or if you’ve ever been in Woof’s company, please do get in touch. We would love to learn all about him!


Item 2:

A story Disney movies are made of. The adventures of the pet tortoise.

Narrated by Ross, one of our local waste transfer station managers.

“Once upon a time a customer ordered a skip to clear out a relative’s garage and garden.

They booked it as a “same day collection” service as they wanted to have it all wrapped up in the same day.

When we offered & executed our excellent service and tipped back in our waste transfer station, a little old friend came tumbling out of the skip.

It turns out he was munching on some foliage when he got scooped up and thrown in the skip in error.

When we took him in and gave him food, shelter & water we phoned the customer to warn them of their error.

To our shock & surprise, they didn’t even realise they had thrown the poor fella away!

In the end, someone came to the yard to collect him and end his little adventure, and everyone lived happily ever after.”

pet tortoise

Item 3:

The prosthetic arm! This definitely gave us a fright. The fact that it was discovered on April Fools’ Day too, certainly added to the disbelief.

prosthetic arm

Item 4:

The caravan in the skip. OK, so thankfully this didn’t happen to us but it did happen. Please do not do this. Bottom line…never overfill your skip. Read our blog on Best Way to Fill a Skip for practical tips and advice.


Photo source: www.ITV.com

Author: Gary Watson
Published: February 22, 2017