Do you need to hire a skip today

April 28, 2017


Waste management is a huge task considering the environmental hazards,
government standards and plain courtesy society associated with waste management.
Skip hire is a simple and convenient way to get rid of almost all kinds of household and garden junk.
And it’s surprisingly affordable too.

Although the skips are available in various sizes the amount of waste determines which one you should hire.
For domestic use for a small home improvement job done, a mini skip of 2, 3 or 4 yards is sufficient.
Whereas businesses with more waste, may need a large skip of 6 to 7 yards up to 10 yards capacity.
Sometimes a lockable skip is advisable when being used in public areas to avoid unwanted
additional waste being added to the skip.

Hiring skip is easy with trusted sites like,
if you are doing any of the following why not visit the site today?

Those who are getting a home renovation – Renovating any space needs time, effort and create a mess.
If you are knocking out a wall or building another bedroom,
you are bound to make lot of waste that a skip can clear out quickly.

Those who are installing a new driveway.
Removal of the old driveway in order for the new one to be laid creates
a massive amount of waste that a skip can help clear out.

Those who are clearing their gardens –
soil, grass clipping and even tree trunks are a part of the organic waste that
a skip hire can help clear out when you are re-arranging your garden or giving it a new look.
A mini skip is usually sufficient for clearing out garden waste but for those with bigger projects
you may need to book a bigger size skip.

Those who are moving in or out of a rented space –
you don’t want to leave anything behind when you leave a space, especially not waste.
Hire a skip to get rid of unwanted furniture, bedding or appliances.
Those moving in can use a skip to clear out packaging or anything that is left by the previous tenants.

Those who manage or own small businesses or builders –
commercial waste needs to be disposed of efficiently and correctly.
You can create a contract with and
get a skip at your convenience and a great price.

Those people who are running a non-profit organization –
If you are running a charitable event or garden then you need a skip hire booked a regular basis. will remove the waste that is created from running the operations
while you concentrate on the job at hand.