Thinking of hiring a skip, and clearing-out everything you can possibly get rid of?

Hold that thought.

As much as we at ClickaSkip try our very hardest to take care of your local skip waste requirements, environmental regulation prevents us from collecting and disposing of the following items from skips:
• Paint
• Solvents
• Liquids
• Asbestos
• Dustbin and food refuse

However, this doesn’t mean you yourself can’t dispose of any of these items. Contact your local authority and they will guide you accordingly.

Fridges, freezers, plasterboard, T.V.s, CRT monitors and tyres are also prohibited but can be arranged to be collected at an additional cost. Simply add the items to your order at the ClickaSkip checkout, or speak to one of our team about it. We’re at 0333 733 7547.

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Author: Elviss
Published: January 14, 2017