Gone are the days of illegal and ill-informed waste disposal methods.
This is the age and time for hiring a skip, but,
are people aware of the suitability of skips hired to dispose of their rubbish?
Do they know which skip is best suited for them? Sadly, No!

It is pretty obvious that the primary aspect of hiring a skip is cost and hire-charges depend on its size.
We are all eager to save a penny here and there, however, choosing the wrong skip could dampen all that.
Therefore it is necessary to think carefully
about how much waste you have to dispose of and hire a skip that
matches without you having to cram the rubbish in or overload it.

Another aspect people may be unaware of the disposal of hazardous items such as paint, tyres, quantities of plasterboard or old fridges.
Most of these can be taken by your skip hire company but they need to be informed in advance and
will charge extra as disposing of these items is much more complex than normal waste such as rubble or timber.

Burning rubbish is an environmental hazard.
Certain items in the garbage like plastics can release hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere poisoning the air we breathe.
Over 98% of waste put in skips is diverted from landfill and reused or recycled,
burning waste prevents this recycling.
Hence, it is important that garbage is always disposed in the right manner and not burned.

If you need further information about disposing of hazardous garbage or basic garbage disposal please contact ClickASkip.
Our team members would guide you on the right skip for you.


Author: Elviss
Published: May 10, 2017