How to fill a skip and get the best value! 

So you have your skip, it’s right there on the driveway, but you aren’t sure what the best way of filling it is, or if there are any rules you need to know. Can you just throw everything inside and hope for the best? You could, but we have a few tips that are going to guarantee you use as much of the skip’s volume as possible. You don’t want to pay to get rid of air, do you?


How to use All the space 

  • When putting furniture in your skip, it’s a good idea to break items down into their component parts. A wardrobe is full of empty space, but broken down and stacked, the panels can make full use of the space available in your skip.
  • Things like sand, rubble and bricks are best making up the bulk of the skip’s space, as they are able to naturally fill in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Soft or flexible items, like fabrics and mattresses, are best sitting on top of the skip, but double check with your skip hire service if they accept mattresses because not all do.
  • Heavy stuff goes at the bottom of the skip.
  • Garden waste, particularly branches, can take up a lot of space if they are not cut up.
  • Don’t just throw everything in. Treat your skip filling like a game of tetris, fitting everything together, organising everything in a logical way and distributing the weight evenly.


How to fill a skip with good etiquette!


  • If you are disposing of doors, it’s good to know that using them to increase the volume of your skip (by making it taller) won’t make you very popular with your skip hire company! These doors should go down the side of the skip, horizontally.
  • Don’t put the things you don’t want anybody to see at the bottom of your skip. When your skip hire company empties the skip, the first thing they do it tip it upside down, putting all of your ‘secret’ disposals on display!
  • The vehicles that collect skips do have weight load limits, so we give a strong general guideline that any skip bigger than 6 yds should not be filled solely with rubble or bricks. It will be too heavy to transport on a normal truck.
  • Check that your skip hire company are doing ‘sheeting’. This means they pull a large plastic blanket over the entire skip when they take it away. Sheeting is designed to keep the contents of the skip from bouncing out onto the road when the skip lorry is driving!


Now you know how to fill a skip, are you ready to book one?


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Author: Gary Watson
Published: June 28, 2018