5 Quick Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Skip Hire

June 15, 2017

Whether it is a clear out or DIY project, when it comes to the disposal of waste,
hiring a skip is the best and most cost effective way.

A skip hired from ClickaSkip.co.uk is not only an easy way of disposing of your waste but also very affordable.
Need more? Well then, here are 5 quick tips which will help you get even better value from your skip hire.

Size matters

Hiring the correct size of skip for your job is the ultimate cost saving mechanism.
How? A small size skip which will not be able to take all of the waste will have to be rehired to get
the job done and a skip that is too big for your needs means you pay more than you need additional money.
Think about how much you have and hire the perfect sized skip.
The https://www.clickaskip.co.uk/ web site has some examples and calculators to help

Know your skips

After you have estimated the waste it is time to know what kinds of skips are available.
A 2 yard skip is called a mini skip which is good for household waste.
Similarly a 4 yard midi skip is available too.
The skip you’ll most often see is a 6 yard builders skip, but you can go beyond this,
an 8 yard skip can be used for larger, lighter, commercial waste and within
the same category standard skip sizes go up to 12 yards.

Permit for the skip

No, you do not need one to hire a skip but you will need to get one
if the skip needs to be sited on public property whilst you load it.
You can only leave a skip on the road side if you have the required permits in place.
These permits are sold by your local council,
they vary in cost from a few £10’s to quite substantial sums if a parking bay needs to be suspended or
there are traffic restrictions on your road.

Know your restrictions

Most skips are hired for 2 weeks,
but unfortunately it is not just time that is restricted with a skip hire.
There are certain items such as batteries, fridges, bio waste and asbestos that cannot be put in a skip.
It is best to check these details out with the ClickaSkip expert while you are booking the skip.
Another restriction is with regards to loading Skips are specified to be level loaded for transport safety reasons.
Overload it and you will have to remove the excess before collection.
Again, the skip expert from ClickaSkip can help with the nuances.

Loading techniques

Make sure that you fill the skip appropriately to get the maximum benefit out of hiring one.
Put the flat and the large items on the bottom and fill it in to avoid air pockets,
no point in returning your skip full of air!
The most optimised skips will give you the most cost benefit too.