5 Important Things After You’ve Hired Your Skip

June 21, 2017

The process of hiring a skip was easy.
ClickaSkip gave you a great quote and you have booked your skip to arrive shortly.
It’s all good! But wait,
is there anything that you can think about in the in the interim to make your skip journey easy?
Yes, absolutely! Here is a list of things that you should consider before the arrival of the skip:

Safety first

At ClickaSkip, your safety as well as everybody that is involved is the highest priority.
The kind of waste that can be put into the skip is
hence strictly monitored as it needs to be unloaded safely and the waste recycled in the right way.
Do not put in anything from the restricted list in the skip, even ”hidden” under other waste.
The item will be found and there will be additional disposal costs or even penalties as a result.

Parking the skip

The space required to park the skip will obviously depend on the size of the skip that you book.
You should consider things like placing the skip so that the loading is easier.
If you do not have an off road side parking spot available for the skip you will need a council permit to leave it on public land.
While some councils will give you the permit at low cost and within a day,
others may charge up to £100 or more and may take up to 14 days to issue the permit.
Make sure that you are prepared in advance and hence have no hassle about last minute cancellation because of the right parking spot.

When the skip is in place

The loading process can be tedious and awkward if there are too many people doing the work.
The most common mishaps are people running into each other while carrying the waste items.
The best way to avoid this is by ensuring that only
the required number of people are involved in the loading and understands what they are doing.
It will make the job much easier! Children and pets must be kept away from the skips at all times.
We’ve known skips returned full of garden waste with the family tortoise on board too!

Be responsible when loading the skip

This is another obvious but common mistake. Don’t throw things into the into the skip aimlessly and from a distance;
especially when there are others around.
MIshandling a heavy waste item could in fact hurt the back of the person doing it!
Anyone loading the skip should ensure that items are placed to they fit well and
will not roll off when the vehicle is in motion. This also ensures that the skip is loaded optimally.

Do not overfill

The most important safety restriction is to not overfill the skip.
The driver will not be able to take the bin back if it is overfilled because it won’t be safe to transport it.
Imagine driving behind a skip and things falling off onto your car? Exactly!