The entire of United Kingdom recycles approximately 34% of the waste that is generated, the remaining 66% is one of the biggest environmental sustainability opportunities that exist today. At an individual level, a person in the UK throws away about 7.5 times their body weight in waste every year. Individually some things don’t seem worth recycling, like one or two sticky cans in the bin don’t matter, right? Wrong, they do!


The potential lost by not recycling single items is huge and can cause a massive shift in how sustainability is perceived.Things like glass can be recycled over and over again without it losing its purity. Just a single bottle recycled saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for an hour.
Think about this next time you throwing away the empty Chardonnay bottle…


As a nation, we throw away 10 billion steel cans each year from a total of about 12.5 billion that are used. They can all be recycled but frequently end up in landfills, taking 1000’s of years to decay and of course affect the short run by taking up space which is finite and getting smaller. Did you know that even a broken television set can be recycled?

As much as 96% of its total parts can be reused.


But then, how does a person find the time to recycle single items like this? It is after all much more convenient to just get rid of the thing that are no longer useful to make way for things that are. How can a person strike a reasonable balance?
Your answer is with a responsible waste management company.


ClickaSkip offers skips in various sizes for hire, which can collect waste items and recycle them. How can you be sure that the items will be recycled?
ClickaSkip has a fantastic reputation in the waste management industry which comes from not only industry
experience but also the fact that it is among the only companies that recycle 99% or more of the waste that it collects.


ClickaSkip offers services across the United Kingdom, with new areas being added to its scope all the time. Abingdon, Aldermaston, Amesbury, Andover, Basingstoke, Bucklebury, Didcot, Huntingdon, Leeds, Newbury, Newton-Tony, Oxford, Pudsey, Streatley, Thatcham, Tidworth, Wakefield, Wantage and Whitchurch are all areas that ClickaSkip
has expanded to and the bigger network allows the company to focus on the sustainable environment task even better.


If every person in the United Kingdom recycles all the waste that could be recycled then we can avoid the creation of about 58 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, which would take 64 thousand square miles of forest to absorb.Everything individual item that you recycle contributes to the conservation of energy and the saving of resources for other uses.
Choose to get rid of the waste from your home and office in skips rented
by ClickaSkip and make the world a better place.

Author: Gary Watson
Published: December 16, 2017