Top 3 Tips To Start Recycling In Your Office

June 12, 2017

Waste management can be daunting especially when it is business or commercial waste.
Whether you run an office or a big manufacturing unit,
you are creating waste every day that needs to be disposed of correctly.
Over the last few years there has been a much higher emphasis on recycling rather than disposing of waste. But alas!
commercial companies have not been able to incorporate recycling practices,
either not at all or not enough.

At there are several experts that work on waste management every day.
They would know a thing or two about recycling.
So here are a few suggestions from our experts on how you can incorporate recycling in your office
and commercial space from right now:

Simple is better

Make the process of recycling easier for your employees.
People are not receptive to change unless it is broken down in parts and taken one step at a time.
Simply having more waste bins in the office which are meant for different kinds of items can ensure
that your waste is already segregated when you come to the point of recycling.
It will make life very easy and begin the process of recycling much faster.

Skip hire

A skip on hire may well be cheaper than a commercial waste collection service and do the job in a much better manner.
You can hire a mini skip,
midi skip or a maxi skip depending upon the volume and size of the waste that requires disposal.
You can also choose a regular frequency for the skip to be exchanged.
Get in touch with ClickaSkip and get a quote as per your need today.
As soon as your employees are made aware of when the skip is arriving they can divide the work of loading it.
Make it a practice by keeping the same schedule for waste management every week.

Make it routine

Waste management, recycling and reusing are not things that you can do as a one off.
To make a real difference this will have to become a routine process in which you,
your employees and everyone that visits your office are involved. Make posters about good recycling habits,
incorporate recycling within your company mission statement so as to make it important to your company and employees.
As long as you continuously engage in good recycling habits you will be contributing to the environment positively.

You stand to gain immensely when your customers find out about your environmental initiatives.
Not to mention the peace that you would get knowing that you are doing your part in safeguarding the environment.
Start your journey today.