Renovating and Why you Need a Skip

May 5, 2017

For anyone who is thinking about renovating, a skip hire should be top of their list.
Renovation projects create a lot of waste which needs to be disposed of in a timely manner.
The most effective way to do this is to hire a skip as the waste is created and fill it up as you go.
Skip hire providers such as ClickaSkip know exactly how to dispose and
recycle the waste that is generated with your renovation projects.

Here are the reasons that hiring a skip helps you with your projects,
and this is not just coming from us it’s from the top skip hire companies in the UK.

1. Convenience –

Imagine the waste all vanishing without you having to fuss over sorting the waste or disposing it off yourself.
A same day skip hire can help you out!
Renovation waste usually involves items cleared from the house and debris,
rubble and at times even pieces of furniture.
If you are disposing of it by yourself you would need to first sort it and then segregate whatever can be recycled.
Whatever is left will have to be loaded into a trailer or similar vehicle and
driven to a council site where you will be responsible to dispose the waste accurately.
Not to forget the costs incurred in hiring a trailer,
taking care that it is not damaged in waste transportation and the fuel costs involved.

2. Recycling and waste management –

Waste disposal is a heavily regulated activity, with good reason.
Anything that is fly tipped on deserted land or incorrectly disposed of attracts heavy penalties.
There are not just environmental laws but also safety laws that need to be followed when managing waste materials.
Put your waste in a skip and hte skip hire company will take care of all this.
They have trained staff that know how to manage waste accurately and safely..

3. Cost –

Even at times when your effort may not be important, cost definitely is.
If you hire the right skip for your waste Get advice from
your skip hire company about the right size skip for your needs and get the best value for money.
The best value, cheapest skips in the United Kingdom are available with so log on to books yours today.

Make your renovation easier, ClickaSkip will be happy to advise you and
provide a quote for the right skip.
You can then work on your renovation project,
put all the waste into a skip and we will  take care of the rest.