Remove junk from your space at the most affordable rates

May 31, 2017

Removing waste from your home or office space has never been easier!
Taking things to the tip is a bit daunting and certainly time consuming,
but hiring a skip in the united Kingdom is a straightforward and easy process.
You can log on to to and able to book the ideal skip
to clear out the junk that has been accumulating in your world..

What kind of junk can ClickaSkip accept?

Anything from furniture to garden clippings, home renovation junk to rubble and soil;
ClickaSkip will accept it all in the skip you hire.
There is a list of things that cannot be put into the skip for safety reasons which includes chemicals,
paint, toxic materials, etc. but most things that sit around idle can be disposed of using a skip for hire.

There was something about it being affordable?

Yes, hiring a skip is affordable because of the wide number of options that ClickaSkip provides.
You can hire a cheap skip in the size that you need,
choosing from the many sizes and types of skip available and have it delivered on a day and
time that is convenient for you. All of this at the most pocket friendly rates.
The teams at would be happy to provide you with a quote just by getting a few details from you.
The rates are competitive and the skips are sent to you exactly when you need them.

How is the collected rubbish processed?

Almost all of the waste collected is recycled or repurposed;
in fact the first step after the delivery of the junk is to sort it.
Whatever can be recycled is separated and re used, if it cannot be recycled but can be used as fuel,
then it is burnt to provide heat, Anything left is sent to landfill.
On average over 98% of material is recycled or reused.
Disposing of your waste in a skip is actually the most environmentally friendly option!

What services can you expect when you hire a skip?

The ClickaSkip team will liaise with you about the size and type of skip you need it’s cost and getting it delivered to you.
The skip is brought to your doorstep and left parked the way you need it so that the filling process is made easier.
When it’s full, give them a call and it will be collected. can help you remove junk from your space in no time and a junk free life is a better life!
Save time, effort and money by decluttering through the use of cheap skips for hire.