For most homeowners in the UK gardens are an essential and taken very seriously!
Spring is when people love redoing their garden to give their homes a better look.
Even if it is not a renovation project,
there is garden maintenance that generates waste that should be disposed of appropriately.

Dumping garden waste where it is not meant to be is not just a bad social example but can get you into some serious legal trouble too.
The government is spending hefty amounts on clearing illegally dumped waste and
you won’t get away with dumping even garden waste inappropriately.

Best is to compost your own green waste,
but if you don’t have the time or space for this;
or your garden waste cannot be composted,
you can hire a skip and get rid of all your plant waste in a legal and ethical manner.
Hire a skip and dispose all the garden waste through that.
It is cost effective, fast and smooth and the skip hire company will always recycle green waste very effectively too.
ClickaSkip is the industry leader in disposing all kinds of waste items,
especially garden waste. So when you are redoing your garden,
you need to hire a skip right away.

What size of Skip?

If you have just garden waste a small mini skip may be enough,
But it’s worth thinking if you have other items to dispose of at the same time and getting a bigger skip if so.
The larger the capacity of the skip you hire the better value you will get.
A midi skip is available in case you would like to add more items,
even a standard 6 yard skip can be a good choice.
In this case, make sure that you are filling it up right.
The heaviest items should be kept in the bottom whereas things like leaves,
dust and soils can be poured in around bigger items are in place.
Of course you would not want to overload your skip,
so make sure that you have a good estimate of what needs to be chucked out before booking!

What does ClickaSkip do with garden waste?

At ClickaSkip over 95% of waste is diverted from landfill and materials are recycled reused or sent for use as fuel.
Garden waste is converted into compost at specialist sites where it may be heat treated before re use in reclamation projects.
The company plays a part in ensuring that the minimum is sent to landfill.

Contact to dispose any kind of waste in the United Kingdom.
Enjoy not just the most competitive rates but the best in the industry disposal methods too.

Author: Elviss
Published: May 27, 2017