The most common mistakes people make when hiring a skip

June 6, 2017

In the United Kingdom the most cost effective and easiest way to dispose of waste is to hire a skip.
Companies such as will allow you to book skip online, deliver it to your home,
wait until to fill it in and then take care of the rest of the waste management for you Of course
there are rules associated with it but it is all quite straightforward and hassle free for the people renting the skip.
If you need to get rid of waste from your space and want to be more prepared then read this.

Here are the things that most commonly go wrong.

The Size

Think about what you need to dispose of before hiring,
if you are unsure offers a handy calculator to show what size of skip you will need; or even easier,
you can call them for advice! There are multiple sizes available,
all of which differ in cost too.
People sometimes underestimate the junk or try to overfill the skip. Either way it does not work.
An overfilled skip will not be accepted by the company since it cannot be transported safely.
So make sure that you place the order for a skip that will fulfill your requirements adequately.

Exceeding weight limits

Smaller skips,such as mini midi or builders skips can safely be filled with light materials
such as wood and packaging and heavy materials like brick and concrete.
Larger skips, like 8 10 or 12 yard industrial skips cannot be filled with heavy materials as
they’d become too heavy to transport safely. If you are disposing of heavy waste,
it’s a good rule of thumb to keep to a maximum of a 6 yard builders skip but
if you are not certain about what size of skip you should hire then make sure that you speak with the experts at

Parking space

People do not often consider where the skip would be placed until it arrives.
Leaving a skip on a public road or any publicly owned space requires a local authority permit,
these cost money and may take time to obtain.
Costs vary greatly depending on location and
permits may not be available at all in certain circumstances where there are parking restrictions or on red routes.
It’s sometimes possible to avoid the requirement for a permit by using a wait and load,
you’ll need to be organized though, there will be 30 minutes to fill the skip!

If you are putting the skip on private land think about where it will go;
remembering that the truck will need access to deliver and remove it
and being mindful that you also have to carry the waste to the skip;
if the waste is it is too far away from the parking space then you may get a lot more exercise than you planned!

Not shopping around.

Most people are not able to make the best possible use of the skip on hire
because they agree to pay an exuberant amount to the hiring company to begin with.
Let’s resolve this problem right now though. The best and most affordable skips on hire are available
at You can get the best deals on the kind of skip
that you need to hire and be rest assured of correct disposal of your waste.