6 manageable tips for recycling at your office

November 24, 2017

An office is a commercial space and needs to follow the rules for the disposal of hazardous material.

When it comes to general, non-hazardous waste disposal most people are still using their best judgement. The truth is that the disposal of the hazardous material is simple to understand and set up because the guidelines are clear.
While non-hazardous waste disposal is almost more complicated for most people as there are fewer guidelines.
Burt once set up it’s really quite simple. Recycling, in most cases, is the best answer to the non-hazardous waste disposal problem. By recycling, you not only become cost-efficient but also environmentally more sustainable.

So here are some quick tips that you can start using in your office to be able to recycle waste:

Start at the top

If the top management is committed to the recycling program then the chance of the employees following it become quite high.


First segregate things that can be recycled from the things that cannot. Steel, glass, aluminum, paper, plastics, cardboard and colored plastic containers can all be recycled if they are segregated in separate bins first.
A small training session or an email indicating which waste item to be dumped in which bin is usually sufficient.

Waste paper recycling

Take some time to figure out which papers in the waste bin have to shred rather than recycled. Anything that is confidential should not just be thrown away but made illegible and then recycled. This waste paper audit will also help you close on some security loops including hazards of dumpster diving.

A recycling champion

Someone to motivate people to use the right bins, move away from using disposable containers and generally be more alert about waste disposal will always be a help. Recycling champions in each department should be sending awareness material and take care of their department’s involvement in the waste management programs.

Have waste bins handy

Ensure that the waste bins are close to where the waste is generated, for example – there should be a paper collection bin near the copier or the printer. This will in-turn allow employees to easily be able to use the right bins for waste disposal.

Call ClickaSkip

It is the ultimate solution for your organisation to become environmentally sustainable and dispose of waste responsibly.
Any item that is not directly recycled can be disposed of in a skip hired from ClickaSkip.
The company will ensure that at least 90% of it is recycled and absolute bare minimum is put into a landfill. Call ClickaSkip to get an instant quote today.
When it is set up, the recycling waste management program is self-sufficient and runs without much intervention.
While at the start you may have to provide encouragement for employees to participate in the program,
when they are invested they will keep to these better waste disposal habits all by themselves.