5 Ways To Maximise Your Recycling

June 27, 2017

The environment is under a lot of pressure with people buying more and more items which are convenient,
well packaged and easy to dispose of.
These items, after use, end up in landfill more often than not.
While the massive scope of recycling products is taken up by responsible companies such as ClickaSkip,
it would be an added advantage if everyone is able to incorporate small but
environmentally useful changes to their buying and using habits.

Here are some effective tips which will not only save you some money but
also make you a more environmental savvy person:

Donate to charities

Did you know that you don’t even have to start recycling something if it can just be donated and used by a charity?
Many items such as toys, clothes, accessories, appliances, furniture, books and
jewelry can be used by others without making any changes to the original.
How do you make use of these things instead of packing them all in waste bags?
There are charities all over the UK which accept such things. While you may be required to follow some of their protocol,
they usually collect the items from you without any charge.

Say no to disposable items

This one might require more conscious effort on your part but it is worth it!
While giving up disposable items entirely may not be possible,
one can easily reduce the usage by a massive percentage.
Taking paper and cloth bags for routine shopping,
using plastic refill bottle and cutting down on one time use products will go a long way in preserving the environment.
It will reduce the creation of waste and hence avoids waste disposal.


While you may be a pro at DIY projects and even do your home renovations yourself,
it is also important to not discard items that can be repaired or up cycled.
You can save money and use your creativity to come up with unique items that are custom made for your use.


A compost bin is a good investment and yields into fine soil that will help your garden immensely.
If you have the space for one then you should definitely consider it.
The things that you can dump into a compost bin include garden trimmings, fruit and vegetable peels,
tea bags, egg shells, leaves and spoilt or waste food items.

Know your waste disposal rules

The city council prescribes different coloured bins for various types of wastes.
When the items are mixed and all put together,
sometimes even the things that can be recycled are contaminated and hence cannot be used.
This then requires such items to be put into landfills.
With just a little bit of awareness you can segregate your own waste and
ensure that every last bit that can be used is in fact utilised.

You are optimising on so many things at home and at work.
Doing the same for waste is the perfect solution to help the environment.
Reduce the creation of waste. Reuse what can be and recycle things as much as possible!