One often hears about living more sustainably today, but what does it actually mean in practice? the mantra is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Let’s think about some uses for common household items that are often thrown out and very effectively reused or recycled.
The second use of all these objects, it not only reduces waste and but gives an interesting look and automatically
taking care of the environment too. The recycling concept appeals everyone, whether they’re environment enthusiasts or just want to save a few Pounds. Here are some really awesome ideas that cover your entire home to think about.


Second-hand furniture can be easily painted or used in the garden for decoration. Turn the old item into something useful and beautiful.
Perhaps, it is one of the cheapest ways of decorating and updating the home.


Old cutlery is the perfect for recycling projects. The items are no more for cooking and eating but can be used in the entire house for different purposes.
Rather than keeping the old cutlery items in the drawers, here are some creative ideas to recycle them.They can work as wind chimes that are attractive, unique and have a beautiful sound. They can also use as napkin rings.
Another option is to use them as cabinet door handles.


One can come across many ways to recycle wooden pallets and create new modern furniture for home, office, and gardens.
The furniture can be made more attractive by having attractive designs and painting with different colours.
A simple seat from wooden pallets can be decorated with patterns that suit one taste, wall shelves in the
hall can be painted with solid colours to make it more appealing. We’ve even seen an excellent
Christmas tree designed and built from recycled pallets.

Car Tyres

Old car tyres can be painted with bright colours and used in the garden as plant pots. Put them on the garage walls
to protect your car when you park or open the doors. They can be used to make swings for the children too.
Simple, easy to follow ways to effectively recycle old items.


The most common waste is the plastic bottles in the house and offices. PET bottles are widely recycled into useful items, However, instead of throwing them away, they can be cut to be used as desk tidies, pen pots, brush holders or even crafted into attractive chandeliers or lamps shades. It is difficult to distinguish between glass and bottle chandeliers, both have the same light effect in the room.


These 5 ideas are very practical, while construction of the new item might take few hours it is worth the effort. They are not expensive,as most of the materials are available in our homes already and anything home produced is unique and stylish too.It is a fabulous way to recycle old items and create new functional ones which are modern and a nice surprise for visitors.Your home is more inviting plus you are not be spending on making it look fancy.


Alas, there are people who would like to reuse and recycle items but cannot do so due to time constraints or just have too much to use.
For them, ClickaSkip offers to skip hire in all sizes and recycles or repurposes over 98% of the waste collected and processed.
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Author: Gary Watson
Published: January 5, 2018